Whether you are a strata manager, developer or owner, StrataVault provides a centralised hub for all your property information, giving you anywhere, anytime access to upload, manage and share.

Securely share documents with third parties

A strata property often has many hundreds of individual documents and other items of information associated with it. These can include title deeds, strata plans, building design drawings, insurance documents, valuation documents, council planning instruments and many others. Much of this is generated during the building of a strata complex and is handed to the Owner’s Corporation when they take possession of the property.

Whilst this information needs to be held by the owners corporation and their strata manager, there are others who need access to certain information such as Strata Inspectors, Bankers, Lawyers and Trades.

StrataVault provides a purpose-designed repository on which users can securely store and share all their information with controlled access to third parties as and when they need it. Our cloud-based infrastructure platform provides the convenience of access from multiple devices through a standard internet browser, giving greater flexibility and control to users.

Turn Property Information into an Asset

To date receiving and keeping boxes, having printed documents and filing cabinets full of strata information has been time consuming and costly to Strata Management Companies. StrataVault removes the need for multiple physical storage objects, (giving back valuable real estate in your office), and through our exchangeable, single virtual storage system, allows you to retain every document, forever.


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Upload your digital documents to StrataVault, where you can file and tag them in our purpose designed information structure. Then share individual documents or folders with 3rd parties


Take back control of your document management and take your strata management business to the next level.

Easy-to-use interface

StrataVault’s easy-to-use interface lets you file, tag and search for documents quickly and efficiently.


StrataVault gives you 24/7 access to your property information, where and when you need it, with browser-based access on multiple devices.

Centralised repository

StrataVault puts all your documents in one place online, allowing efficient management of the property and freeing up your office space from physical document storage.

Self service access

Allowing stakeholders self-service access to documents, allows you to get on with core business, saving time and expense.

Cloud App Security

StrataVault gives you peace of mind knowing your property documents are secured with Microsoft Cloud App security and backed up on the Amazon cloud.

Customer Support

StrataVault’s friendly team are happy to assist with any questions regarding how to use the platform and can provide demonstrations in person or remotely depending on your location.



Easy access to your client’s property documents

As a Service Provider to the strata industry, you need quick and easy access to accurate information about the strata scheme you are working for. StrataVault provides a secure cloud based storage system that allows you authorised access to strata information anytime, anywhere.


Save time on your next development

Property development is a sophisticated business with many responsibilities. Having access to all property information needed is more important than ever. StrataVault allows you to securely file all of the continually increasing property documentation as the project progresses, allowing organised handover to the Owners Corp.


Document storage made easy for property owners

We believe you should be in control of all aspects of your property. StrataVault allows for the management of all of your property information securely, online. By using StrataVault, information is securely stored once and can be shared with your service providers through authorised access.


StrataVault 2.0 is a total re-imagining of the StrataVault application

Expanding on all of the existing capabilities, 2.0 will feature drag and drop upload, tasking and discussion features, advanced tagging and searching and many more features. Register now to receive updates and a be one of the first to get a demo.


After registering, a StrataVault team member will be in touch to provide further information or a demonstration.


1300 0 VAULT (82858)