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Strata Vault…the strata software providing you
with one combined suite of tools for strata managers

This is the only strata management software built in collaboration with experienced, progressive and forward thinking Strata managers from all around Australia.

The one combination…
for streamlined efficency

Our strata software provides the one combined suite of services to ensure you’re always up-to-date on everything that’s happening.

  • One set of systems…
  • One set of records…
  • One set of processes…
  • One overview of your whole portfolio

The one combination for complete real time visibility

Strata management diagram

The one combination…
for success

Enable portfolio growth with strata management solutions that creates a combination of greater efficiency, increased profitability and improved service

The one combination…
for success

Enable portfolio growth with strata management solutions that creates a combination of greater efficiency, increased profitability and improved service

StrataVault Portfolio - Better service Better service

Spend less time on the computer and in filing systems so you can focus more time on client service.

StrataVault Portfolio - Peace of Mind Peace of Mind

Maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data assets with our efficient, cost effective, secure strata management solutions.

StrataVault Portfolio - Increased Productivity Increased Productivity

Use our strata management software to reduce the admin time spent managing all aspects of day-to-day operations

StrataVault Portfolio - Client aqcuisition Client aqcuisition

Not only does StrataVault help raise your level of service – so you can win clients more easily – it even makes client changeovers faster than ever before.

StrataVault Portfolio - Flexible workforce Flexible workforce

Strata Managers can store, search, find and share any documentation in just a few clicks – all from one location with our online strata management software.

StrataVault Portfolio - Fast and Transparent Fast and Transparent

Ensure all the work you do and all the documentation you have is easily accessible to your clients, at the click of a button.

The one combination…
for collaboration

Use our online strata management software to manage communication and collaboration with simple efficiency in one combined platform.

Strata Managers

Enjoy the perfect combination of having more time to focus on relationships and a complete overview of your whole portfolio with our strata management software.

Property Developers

Efficently capture all information and communcation linked to your development. Handover at the completetion of project is as simple as an email.


Our strata software will save you time and money by holding all your information in one place. Never have to wait while files are found and shared.

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

StrataVault is so easy to use and became necessary when we couldn’t obtain access to our records due to our strata managers and building managers multiple ways of handling our building’s information.

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

Julie Grove - Founder

The safety, storage and retrieval of company data is paramount in the Digital Age. StrataVault uses information technology to give strata management businesses an operational edge – and peace of mind.

Julie Grove - Founder

StrataVault is pleased to announce our newest preferred partner

Strata Alert is an award-winning web and SaaS software company in Sydney.

Strata Alert simplifies strata management related communication with alerts, groups, notifications, electronic voting and online chats.

For any strata: commercial or residential.

Communication transparency between your strata manager, owners and occupants is a better way to manage your property strata issues.