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Why StrataVault?

We provide the only strata management software that combines the experience, knowledge and expertise of industry professionals from around Australia.

Meets strata regulations Australia wide

Combines with your current systems

Innovative suite of strata management tools

The truth is that in our modern world, knowledge is power. You can’t get anywhere without it. 

The world of strata management has shifted and there is an increasing demand for platforms and systems that enable the dots to be connected between important people and important information. 

Strata management is no longer a customer centric field – it is a relationship centric field and we need to create a connected economy in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

As strata managers and strata business owners, we need more than ever to be able to efficiently communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

StrataVault is the only strata management platform that meets the standards and guidelines for strata management in every state across Australia. 

When you utilise StrataVault you enable greater communication and collaboration between stakeholders, no matter where in Australia they are operating from. 

Our innovative strata management solutions will combine with the systems you already have in place in order to extend the existing value of your current system. 

Instead of losing time and information during a switch to StrataVault, we allow strata managers to continue to operate with a high level of efficiency with continued access to all their previous data or processes. 

why strata?

We provide strata managers and business owners with a strata management software that makes the distribution of important information simple and efficient. 

Taking care of the environment is incredibly important to the team at StrataVault and we are incredibly proud of the efforts we have made to make the strata industry more eco friendly. 

Our strata management platform has been designed to reduce waste and improve the ecological footprint of strata businesses everywhere. 

StrataVault saves more than just paper though. We keep waste out of landfills, save our precious water and reduce overall consumption of our resources.

Experience the collaborative features of our strata management system today.

StrataVault is designed specifically for increased efficiency, portfolio growth and better service.

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

StrataVault is so easy to use and became necessary when we couldn’t obtain access to our records due to our strata managers and building managers multiple ways of handling our building’s information.

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

Julie Grove - Founder

The safety, storage and retrieval of company data is paramount in the Digital Age. StrataVault uses information technology to give strata management businesses an operational edge – and peace of mind.

Julie Grove - Founder