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Strata Software for Stakeholders

StrataVault’s innovative suite of tools is designed for everyone involved in a strata property.

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StrataVault was designed by experts within the strata industry from all across Australia. They have created a strata software that meets the strata regulations of every state in Australia. 

That’s right –  it doesn’t matter where key stakeholders are located.

Strata Software for Stakeholders

From managers to owners and lawyers to tradesmen – everyone benefits from a combination of more effective storage, management and collaborative capabilities.

Online strata management

What is Strata?

Are you living in an apartment building or townhouse? Do you share common areas like the foyer and car park with your neighbours? Are you a part of a body corporate or owners corporation? You are probably living in a strata property.

‘Strata’ is a term coined in Australia that is rapidly being adopted around the world. It refers to properties where you are allowed to have partial ownership. For example, you might own your apartment but you don’t own the whole building. 

Strata properties can be caravan parks, commercial real estate and even retail stores. For example, people might own one shop in a mall but the common areas such as the halls, car park and toilets, belong to everyone.

Strata software users

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

StrataVault is so easy to use and became necessary when we couldn’t obtain access to our records due to our strata managers and building managers multiple ways of handling our building’s information.

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

Julie Grove - Founder

The safety, storage and retrieval of company data is paramount in the Digital Age. StrataVault uses information technology to give strata management businesses an operational edge – and peace of mind.

Julie Grove - Founder