Strata Software for Strata Managers

Combine all your documents and communication in one place so you can find and share anything they need in just a few clicks.







Our strata statistics software is the one solution for increased productivity through improved collaboration, increased communication and simplified organisation. 

StrataVault provides strata management solutions that create peace of mind with all the benefits that help simplify your management process.

StrataVault creates simple strata management by improving the organisation and collaboration of strata managers, stakeholders and service providers. 

Strata Software for Strata Managers

Our key features were developed by industry professionals with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a premium strata management software to increase operational efficiency.

In a time where everyone wants information now…StrataVault enables you to get all the information you need, whenever you need it, all combined in once place.

Strata management solutions

The one combination for productivity

Increase productivity with a combination of efficient collaboration, improved communication and simplified operational procedures.

Improved collaboration

Increased communication

Greater organisation

Simplified every day procedures

StrataVault creates efficient strata management by providing you with secure strata software that contains all the important data you need in one unified, structured filing system. 

The combination of our key features enables every strata manager to optimise productivity by making previously time consuming tasks as easy as the click of a button.  

When you have the time and the relevant data you need to achieve the highest possible quality of collaboration, you achieve a combination of increased productivity and improved service. 

StrataVault enables you to consistently deliver optimal results for clients by giving your time back to you.

Never again will you lose time searching for documents or data that has been filed incorrectly, lost or damaged because we will securely store your strata reports online.

Our content search feature will retrieve important files and documents for you in seconds when you search for the document type. 

Our strata management software allows you to constantly stay on top of developments and deliver for you clients in an information reliant world. 

Strata managers and relevant stakeholders can follow updates as they occur with access to all their data from any web enabled device. 

The information you need to make important decisions will always be readily available to you, enabling you to increase productivity and avoid delays.

Successful strata software

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

StrataVault is so easy to use and became necessary when we couldn’t obtain access to our records due to our strata managers and building managers multiple ways of handling our building’s information.

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

Julie Grove - Founder

The safety, storage and retrieval of company data is paramount in the Digital Age. StrataVault uses information technology to give strata management businesses an operational edge – and peace of mind.

Julie Grove - Founder