Strata Software for Business Owners

Gain more clients faster than ever and retain them for life through one combined strata management software.

Greater efficiency

Increased profitability

Client acquisition

Improved clarity

Better service

Client retention

StrataVault is the only strata management software that combines the experience, knowledge and expertise of industry professionals from all around Australia.

We created the perfect suite of tools for business owners to increase portfolio growth and profitability by improving productivity in order to provide a better service.

Our unique strata management software delivers exactly what you need in order to increase your profits and achieve the desired portfolio growth of your business.

We combined the experience and knowledge of industry professionals to create strata software that helps you improve the operational efficiency and profitability of your business.

StrataVault creates operational efficiency by giving your strata managers their time back! Never again will they lose valuable time searching for data or collating information.

Strata Software for Business Owners

With an online strata management platform like StrataVault important data is easily accessible providing your team with the time they need to focus on your clients. 

We provide you with a strata statistics software that allows you to access you strata reports online. 

StrataVault keeps your business ahead of the competition by making strata management easier than ever. Your strata managers can find and share data and be back in the centre of all the communities they manage. 


Strata management solutions

The one combination for success

Enable portfolio growth with our strata management software through a combination of greater efficiency, increased profitability and improved service.

Improve profitability

Improve productivity

Improve collaboration

Improve communication

StrataVault will enable your portfolio to grow by providing your team with the time they need to focus on consistently delivering quality results for your customers.

Never again will you lose money on costly services or office space filled with filing cabinets. All your data is stored on our cost effective, cloud based strata management software.

That means you access your data anytime, anywhere from our online strata management system.

StrataVault is the perfect strata management platform to create flawless communication and collaboration between all stakeholders, from strata managers to accountants and from tradespeople to strata inspectors.

We ensure all your information is stored in one place so that you can always stay ahead of the competition with the combination of easy data distribution through our online strata management.

Through the combination of increased profitability, improved efficiency and better service, StrataVault ensures that you continually achieve success.


Successful strata software

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

StrataVault is so easy to use and became necessary when we couldn’t obtain access to our records due to our strata managers and building managers multiple ways of handling our building’s information.

Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland

Julie Grove - Founder

The safety, storage and retrieval of company data is paramount in the Digital Age. StrataVault uses information technology to give strata management businesses an operational edge – and peace of mind.

Julie Grove - Founder