Top reasons why StrataVault is the go-to strata industry platform

With multiple online platforms, finance software, project management, customer relationship management and cloud-based data storage options on the market today, many businesses will have implemented not just one of these mentioned platforms but at least two or three.


With each platform or system delivering outputs, the challenge becomes how and where to house them all in one securely organised platform?


Our online data storage platform offers secure storage and organisation of documents and enables strata managers and owners to save time and money.


The platform is designed to capture all of a buildings information outputs. It eliminates a building’s information being stored in multiple forms, instead it’s housed in a secure environment for the lifetime of the building.


Here are four standout reasons why you’ll benefit from using StrataVault:


Have peace of mind your information is secure in one place


StrataVault has changed how strata managers and owners corporations store information by ensuring the software is agnostic and fits with all other strata management software and office processes.


  • Finally, no more books, boxes, and digital dumps of information. The information only needs to be uploaded once, no matter who manages or lives in the building. This one platform enables a uniform experience for managers, owners and all stakeholders as it is the only platform to cross state borders?


  • A building’s information is kept safe and protected, eliminating the risk of losing a building’s assets if there’s a fire, flood or robbery, or just the everyday potential to misplace that critical email or document.


  • One of the most valuable aspects of StrataVault is that it’s a very secure platform. Security checks on the platform are performed daily, giving you peace of mind that your documents are stored safely. The platform is monitored 24/7.


Enables Strata Manager and Owners to provide information seamlessly to stakeholders


Time spent on the exchange of physical documents between manager and stakeholder is eliminated.


  • The platform is designed for a Strata Manager or Owners to provide their stakeholders including service providers access to information. StrataVault facilitates the sharing of information to be executed securely 24/7.


  • Strata Managers have the authority to tailor viewing permissions and access to a vault, with just a click. Permissible access to documentation means a manager can grant transparent visibility of relevant information to relevant service providers, for a set period. A link via email is received by the service provider/stakeholder to enter the vault and access the information at their fingertips.



“I use StrataVault daily,” says early adopter Daniel, Strata Manager from NSW. “It’s part of my normal routine; it’s like second nature to me now. The highlight for me is the virtual filing instead of paper filing and, secondly the email function has made it easier for us to give owners and stakeholders more access. Yes, definitely we’re better managers overall using StrataVault.’


Reduce costs and time when building issues arise


Many strata businesses across Australia pay to hire space to store building documents or pay for servers to back up their data, which can cost thousands of dollars each month.


  • StrataVault allows users to store building records in an organised and an easy-to-access manner, in the cloud with one monthly subscription cost.


  • You no longer have a huge upfront cost of servers, software and ongoing training. With StrataVault stakeholders can view information that relates to a specific building issue and resolves it promptly without the need to trawl through emails, paper or digital dump of information.


  • It enables strata managers, developers and owners corporations to combine all documents and communication in one place. The platform can act as the one reliable source of truth, saving time and costs associated with having to access records through other avenues such as a local council.


  • StrataVault connects a Strata Manager’s current software and services to save time and money and build a larger portfolio.


Promotes transparency and good communication between Strata Managers and Owners


“StrataVault is so easy to use and became necessary when we couldn’t obtain access to our records due to our strata managers and building managers multiple ways of handling our building’s information” – Peter, Owner and Committee Member, Queensland.


  • People will instantly feel connected if they are across what is happening in their property. A discussion board creates familiarity between owners and stakeholders and reduces multiple calls and emails managers receive when something in the building goes wrong.


  • StrataVault was designed for the Strata Industry to help manage communication throughout a building.


  • It has a 24/7 online discussion and tasks board accessible to whoever has been provided permissions.


For more information on our StrataVault offering and how we can help you contact us here.

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