How developers are making handover to OC Managers seamless

PACE Developments is the most recent developer to adopt the power platform StrataVault because they believe in complete transparency which is sadly lacking in Victoria.


The main reason Developers are adopting StrataVault is because they find once they have had handed over all the development records quite often this information stops at the OC Manager, who stores it away in boxes, online or in their software and unfortunately not accessible to potential buyers or existing owners in a building, causing much uncertainty


Majority of the time developers information stops with the OC Manager, because transferring the received development records to their current software or integrating it into a filing system can be quite time consuming and costly. Unless resources permit a staff member to file and organise multiple forms of records, the natural tendency is to leave it as is and only pull out the most relevant pieces of information needed. Hence creating this uncertainty and frustration among owners and OC Managers, in the long term.


OC Manager currently decides who has access to the Owner’s rightful information. The mindset needs to be changed to a collaborative one, where OC Managers work to facilitate the smooth running of the building and Owners are aware of what is happening within their investments.


We have been asking OC Management companies to think outside the box or the “way it has always been done”:


1. Remembering that OC Mangers are engaged to safely store the information for the Owners Corporation and the owners can view those records at any time


2. Although current office practise may be to store archives offsite, should the OC be included in that decision since they are paying the storage fees and own the books and records?


3. It is vital that all of the OC’s records remain intact and are passed over to the next OC Manager, there is no excuse for only 2-3 years worth of records being available or for any to be lost in transition


Impact of not being transparent:


Disgruntled owners will impact an OC Manager’s chance of continuing to manage the strata schemes going forward. OC Managers can avoid being in a situation where they struggle to manage an Owners Corporation because they can’t provide the transparency required in 2019.


The solution is StrataVault, an online data storage and communication platform that Developers use at the beginning of their project and use it to continuously file their records in an organised manner throughout development. Handover to the OC Manager, as a result of this platform as simple as an email.


OC Managers continue to use the platform daily, integrating with their software and enabling them to be prepared and protect the building’s assets. Positivity, they are ready at a moment’s notice to provide building information when asked and not scrambling to put it together to meet their obligations to the owners.


If you are an OC Management business and want to have all the information at your fingertips and transparent access for all stakeholders then you should be looking for a power platform that brings all your people, processes and software into one place.


Give us a call to find out about the one combination for OC Management 13000 VAULT.

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